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Content writing is main thing in SEO more we provide good content more the ranking of website increases. Top SEO blogs you should read in 2015. I spent over 10 hours researching, reading, people in the SEO industry to narrow down the best SEO blogs. I was actually a little surprised to see that quality SEO blogs are very rare. Much of what I came across was pure crap that contained overly optimized articles that were written for the quantity of content, rather than the quality. Actually good content must be highly optimized targeted keywords at proper place. Content plays a vital role in SEO. Content must be genuine and pure no copy content is used in SEO. Copy content is not tolerated by the Google.

The top SEO blogs aren’t solely based on my personal opinion. In fact, part of the reason I wrote this post was to find more and better resources. Here are some of the criteria I used when deciding whether or not to include the blog

  • Popularity (# of subscribers and overall brand recognition)
  • # of Twitter followers
  • Google Rank (for popular terms like “best SEO blog”, “top SEO blog”, “SEO blog”)
  • Time since last post
  • Quality of posts (case studies, visuals)
  • Average # of article shares (Twitter, FB, Google+)

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